Digital Transformation is the creation of value through technological advances to organizational, cultural, and operational business components. Digital reinvention should fundamentally redefine an organization's competitive advantage.

Many organizations considering digital transformation are slogging through quarter to quarter knowing they need to do something focused on their long term survival. What can we build that will be even more valuable five years from now? Will we own the technology and therefore our destiny? Will we be able to maintain it? Can we develop it further in house if we choose? How does it unlock our ability to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities? Seeking council from the outside is critical to methodically examining an improved way of doing business.

Probably the most difficult aspect of transformation is cultural. When planning, it’s natural to imagine an ideal outcome and paint the rosiest picture of how the project team will gel and perform. But there’s a point in many projects where the team as a whole starts to resist and project negativity and politics. The task of a leader is to reach and overcome this point as quickly as possible and regain momentum toward the desired goal. For a successful digital transformation, a compelling vision based on an appropriate discovery phase, timely decisions, and regular collaborative adjustments are all needed.

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