ProductOps is proud to sponsor CruzHacks 2019, now in its third year as a student organized event. Over the weekend of January 18-20, CruzHacks 2019 will bring together 600 students from over 25 universities to UC Santa Cruz for a weekend of building software and hardware projects. This non-profit hackathon, which is free to participants, creates an environment in which high school and college students work collaboratively to learn new skills and hone their talents.

“As our event is a melting pot of students from across the nation, local corporate sponsors improve Santa Cruz's reputation as a burgeoning tech hub and bring outside student talent to our city.” said Amit Saxena, the Sponsorship coordinator of the event. “Every year we offer our event, we receive news of students obtaining job and internships from our hackathon.”

The event features a unique Tech Cares initiative, which allows winners of a prize category to give donations to local charity organizations of their choosing. Cruzhacks 2019 is also committed to diversity having introduced initiatives to help first time hackers. There are a number of free pre-hack workshops that cover many of the basics of HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript to the fundamentals of Google Firebase. Though this support organizers hope to encourage first time coders to attend who are often not accommodated at the larger hackathons. Find details on the pre-hack events on the CruzHacks Facebook Page.

For all the details on Cruzhacks 2019 visit their website. They are also looking for mentors or judges for the event if you wish to apply.