At productOps we’re particular about who’s on our team. We want brilliant people who will impress our clients with their abilities, organization and tenacity. So what do we look for? This series of blogs will help you, either as a prospective candidate or client, understand what we’re about and decide whether you’re a fit.

It’s not about us

At productOps it’s not about the technology, it’s not about the brand, and it’s certainly not about the glory. That belongs to the client. It’s about the satisfaction gained from a successful project that changes reality for the better.

This external facing focus can be boiled down to three goals on each project we work on:

  • To understand the problem in its entirety.
  • To understand what success looks like for the client.
  • To reach through and understand the end user.
“They are harsh questioners” -Megan Alink, Alcatel-Lucent

Solving problems

We hire problem solvers because we partner with clients that are typically unable to move forward in some way due to either the difficulty of a problem or the inability to apply resources to that problem due to needs elsewhere in the organization. Our catch phrase covers it: We ask why, we figure out how.

There are several core principles we’ve found which apply to any project we work on:

  • People must be at the core of any solution we create.
  • What we build has to last an appropriate amount of time.
  • We need to understand who will maintain what we create.

Many times our clients know in general terms what they want. Sometimes they don’t. When a client engages us we’re obligated to always have their best interests in mind. This means making seemingly innocuous decisions on the clients behalf that may later have a tremendous impact. Knowing when and how to do this is an art form that we are always trying to perfect.

Building trust

As a client, opening an organization up to collaborate with an external partner is not always easy. We aim to build genuine long term relationships no matter how short the project. It’s our job to listen and then support and advise. We’re positive, productive and everyone in our organization carries themselves in a professional manner. An “us and them” mentality can kill productivity, communication and ultimately on time delivery.

As partners:

  • We are part of the clients team
  • We are leaders of the solution
  • We make decisions for the client everyday
  • We are engaged to bring our brains to work and make recommendations, not blindly follow instructions

We understand the complexities of software design and development. From a misunderstanding of a requirement, to a flaw in the architecture, to scaling problems, something can always go wrong and often at the least opportune time. What’s critical with us at productOps is that we are transparent with each other and with our clients so that an informed action plan can be put in place.

Join us

After 10 years in business these are the things we’ve found make for successful partnerships. Whether you’d like to work for or with us, we’d love to hear from you.